Migrate EC2 Instance from one region to other

Raghav D
2 min readAug 21, 2020


Scenario: We have a Instance in the Us-west2 region, we need to migrate this Instance to Mumbai region

Solution: We can migrate an EC2 instance by creating it’s AMI and copy to the required region and deploy the Instance. In Us-west region Instance I have configured the zabbix master, after migration we will verify the zabbix UI to check successful migration. Here we will go though details

Create AMI of Instance:

  1. Shut down the Instance and go to actions → Image → create image
steps to create AMI

2. update the Image name, description and click on launch

Create AMI

3. Now go to AMI using console, here we can find newly created AMI


4. Goto Actions → copy AMI

update destination region, Name, description and click on AMI

Copying AMI to Mumbai region

5. Now switch to mumbai region in your AWS account

Now we will launch the EC2 Instance using copied AMI

6. Go to AMI, It willl list out the AMI’s available in the account

7. click on the required AMI, go to actions → Launch Instance

8. select the Instance type, VPC, SG, etc. at the end it wills how AMI details also

AMI details

9. Connect to Instance and check, here I am going to check zabbix UI on http://IP/zabbix

Successfully we have migrated EC2 Instance from US-west2 region to Mumbai region, able login to zabbix


  1. https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/move-ec2-instance/#:~:text=It's%20not%20possible%20to%20move,%2C%20Availability%20Zone%2C%20or%20VPC.